About Us

We are 2 friends, Ali Ball and Victoria Finch, who have been working in small ways to improve the community and environment in Wigan Borough for quite some years. 

Soon after we started the campaign, we met Michelle Leyland and Dawn Moorhouse who are equally passionate and driven, and so now we have a small and mighty team of 4 group members!

Ali has had previous campaign with her then 5 year old daughter, Ember, who started the #Join Ember movement, encouraging greater recycling and litter picking throughout the borough to protect wildlife. We’re so proud of Ember!

We felt 2021 was the time for big action and to once again take a bolder steps!

We want to make a bigger difference, and to enable other people to make a difference.

Environmental issues are not just happening far away, they’re right here, but we have the power to do something about it. And gardening and planting is such a easy and enjoyable way to do it! 

We’re non political and non profit, we’re an independent, not-for-profit community group. All our work is volunteer led.

We’re hoping to engage residents, community groups and the council alike to start thinking more about wildlife, and how to encourage more creatures to make Wigan borough a habitat.

Ali and Victoria
Give it A Grow Team