Here you can keep up to date with our projects and progress. These are confirmed or completed projects, and there are many more in discussion; we will keep this page regularly updated, so do check back!

We were founded in Feb 2021 and immediately started our campaign to give out free wildflower seeds to kick start action.

This offer really took off!! A lot more than we expected to be honest! And so it took quite a while to get it done in time for Spring. But we managed just about.

To date, we have delivered almost 900 packs of seeds to residents throughout Wigan borough, and we hope to continue these each sowing season (Spring and Autumn) please look out for our social posts if you missed last season.

In Autumn 2021, we also handed out over 200 bulbs to schools and residents, including crocus, snowdrops, tulips and moore. 

Atherton Cemetery

In 2021, with the lovely folk at Friends of Atherton Cemetery, we sowed wildflower seeds at a section in unused land by the entrance to the cemetery suited to a partially shady spot. Since then, with funding from Food for Life Get Togethers in May 2022, we’ve added more herbs for the commmunity to take and a variety of flowers for pollinators. 

We also created a small Wildflower meadow at St Ann’s Community Garden in Beech Hill, Wigan. This area was very weedy and overgrown! It took a good while to clear it to make way for delicate wildflowers flowers to grow. In 2021, We also created a small wildlife pond there. This beautiful new community pond will be a perfect little haven for insects, frogs and maybe newts in time! We’re looking forward to seeing who visits. It will also give little a mental health boost to any visitors to the garden. 

We work monthly on the space with Springfield Gidlow Beech Hill community group to maintain the full garden and keep adding new flowers – we can’t help ourselves!

Residents who overlook a carpark with a massively neglected border got in touch in 2021. Working together we’ve untaken the huge task of clearing the land, discovering some beautiful old cobbles and adding in a new border full of plants for pollinators that are drought resistant and beautiful! We’re not quite finished, but it’s a great community effort, and so far it’s already miles better. 

Early each we start to grow our own peat-free, chemical (pesticide, fungcide and herbicide) free plants. To show people what beauty there is in flowers beyond the normal bedding annuals you see so often.

We grow and sell small batches of hardy annuals, native plants, and perennials that are great for pollinators. Importantly, we want these plants to be low cost.

They are for sale once a year, this year 2022 will be at Wigan Community Day in Wigan Town Centre on 9th July. 

Plant Sale day in 2021
Plant Sale day in 2021

If you have an idea for a project – whether in your garden, a community area or the backs, please get in touch. And if you would like to donate, to help us achieve more, that would be massively appreciated.

We work entirely on a non-profit basis, we just want to make our towns and urban green spaces work better for everyone.

If you’d like to see some of benefits of better green space in your neighbourhood, then head to our Get involved page.

It’s full of ideas to get started making your own wild patch, or how you can help in the community.