Is your back alley a barren dumping ground? 

Do you need some advice or want ideas to help improve your garden or yard area?

We’re here to help.

Many people have backs at home, used for bins or possibly parking.
But often, back alleys in Wigan are not used much and can become a real eyesore. People start to leave rubbish, and they become neglected spaces that you that avoid entering.

But there is real potential to make these spaces better for everyone.

If you would like to make your backs a space you can all share and enjoy, we want to help. Having accessible greenspace is so good for your health and wellbeing, it shouldn’t finish at the garden, there’s no reason not to extend it around it as much as possible. Everyone will reap the benefits.

You need agreement from your neighbours before we start planning anything and making sure everyone is on the same page. We aim to keep everyone informed as we make progress.

We can come and help look at your space and figure what works for you and your neighbours. What kind of space do you want?

Then we can come to help you clean it up to start with, to start fresh.

We can then help choose and provide plants, sourcing planters and planning a lovely new community space for you all to enjoy. Whilst keeping costs low and wildlife habitats at the fore of our plans.

This will be something that we work on together as a community that will hopefully flourish for years to come.

We’ll also work with you afterwards to help figure an easy maintenance schedule going forwards.

Back Alley

Does your space look a bit like this? Ugh – let’s help!

We will be soon launching a full wildlife garden design service, but in the meantime, we still want to give you a hand!

Feel free to email us with any questions or ideas you have for your garden, and we will do our best to advise you and find something that you love, and that your local wildlife will love too!

If you’re not sure what to plant? Or how to get more birds to visit? Have grand ideas?! Do you want to make a change ourdoors, but need something low maintenance? Or you are interested in a low-cost planter or container; in any case we can help.

We have the resources, knowledge and skills to help you design your perfect space at home. 

These services are currently free of charge, but there may be a cost if you want to purchase plants/containers. 

If you’d like to see some of these benefits in your neighbourhood, then head to our Get involved page.

It’s full of ideas to get started making your own wild patch, or how you can help in the community.