If you appreciate the work we are doing, please consider donating, every little bit helps!

If you prefer you can also donate via
PayPal on this link

Why donate to our group?

We’re a non-profit community group based in Wigan.

 All funds raised go towards helping more people with their green spaces, creating larger spaces for communities to enjoy and improving our service. 

In just a short time, we have created over 2 square kilometres of new wildflower meadow, as well as creating natural habitats to increase biodiveristy and worked with residents and other community groups. 

Even just £2 would allow us to purchase more seeds, plants, tools for use in the community. 


Who are Give it a Grow Wigan?

Give it a Grow is a relatively new community group based in Wigan. We have 4 members and number of keen green fingered volunteers. We are independent, we often work with the council, but we are separate and non political. 

What do you do with donations?

We are entirely non-profit, and all our work is volunteer work. We primarily work on community spaces, planting and creating habitats. The money goes directly to seeds, tools, plants and soil etc. 

Where can I see your progress or projects?

We have page on the website with our main projects, we aim to be as transparent as possible. We also have a Facebook page and Instagram where we post regular updates about our work.