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1 Feb

The Benefits of Urban Trees

There are many modern and direct benefits to having more urban trees and greenery in your area.


9 Dec

Gardening for Wildlife in December

December is a great time to reflect on what has happened over the year in the garden. What has worked well, what has been a challenge and what adaptations can we make? Most gardens have been affected by the summer heat. Perhaps look into ways to conserve water in the future? We can do this by mulching, collecting rainwater, and considering plant choices.


16 Jun

Dealing with Weeds, Naturally

Weeds' comes up a lot in our garden work. We are advocates of using a chemical-free approach wherever possible and resorting to not weeding if we have to. If you do feel like you need to remove some, here a few tips to make your life easier!


15 Feb

How to get rid of Garden Plant Pests and Diseases naturally

Here are some of the most common garden pests and diseases you see in the UK, how to identify them, and what you can do to control them without using dangerous pesticides or herbicides. There are plenty of more natural alternatives that will help with pest control and keep your garden wildlife-friendly.


1 Nov

How to Help Hedgehogs in your Garden

Sadly the decline of the hedgehog population continues, and it is thought that there are now less than 500,000 left in England. Loss of habitat from building, increased traffic on the roads, and use of pesticides means it has never been more important to look after our spikey friends. Luckily, it is relatively easy to make small changes in our gardens to do just that.


21 Oct

Preparing Your Garden for Autumn Wildlife

We can do lots now as we go into Autumn to prepare the garden onwards for winter and spring wildlife. By doing a few small jobs now, we can help ensure wildlife can survive in the garden over winter and give you an early display of flowers, beautiful for you and very important for pollinators. Here are a few key jobs you can do.


3 Sep

September Garden Joys (and Tasks)

Here are my top 10 weeds, and why we love them, where they pop up, what to know about spreading, management, and their benefits.


20 Aug

10 Weeds We Love

Here are my top 10 weeds, and why we love them, where they pop up, what to know about spreading, management, and their benefits.


2 Aug

August Gardening Tasks – What, Why & How

Over recent weeks we've all noticed that the nights are gradually getting shorter. Here are our top tips for gardening in August


14 Jul

7 Native Flowers for your Garden

More studies are showing lately that a mix of native and non-native (with a majority of native / northern hemisphere plants) is considered the ideal if you want to attract wildlife into your garden. Here are a few great easy choices!