Request your Free Seed Pack

Seed Requests are closed sorry!

We’ve been absolutely amazed at the uptake recently, and so we need to close seed requests to make sure we can pack and deliver these in time for everyone to plant this Spring. 

We really appreciate your support and we hope to be offering them again in Autumn. 

I’m so sorry if you missed out, a fantastic charity, Friends of the Earth have a fantastic Bee Saver Kit available to purchase.

Thank you so much, in the mean time you can follow our news and ideas on facebook

This offer is for Wigan Borough residents only.

All the seeds we are offering are species listed by the RHS as ‘Plants for Pollinators’, and are native to Britain

There are a few varieties of seeds, broadly we will supply those more suited to areas with fertilizer (or where it has been) called Annuals. They will flower once and you’ll need to reseed next year.

We are also offering a mixed seed pack, with Perennials in as well, where it is most suited, so you will have annual blooms year 1, then Perennial blooms for years to come from year 2. 

Our seed pack will cover 4m2

For both, a sunny spot is best, but there are also some varieties that don’t mind partial shade.

We don’t expect any money for these seeds, they are completely free. But if you like our campaign and would like to help, we have a Paypal Donation Page where you can make a donation if you wish. Thank you! 

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