We’re asking Wiganers from all over the borough to make a pledge and endeavour to boost biodiversity in their area. This area can be a big or small as you want. 

There is power in numbers, and the more of us who do this, the bigger effect we can have in improving our green spaces for everyone – creating a healthier greener Wigan. 

Homeowner Pledge

If you would like to pledge to consider wildlife and biodiversity within your garden

Landowner Pledge

If you have a larger land area, such as a school, community garden, church, or business, you can also take a pledge.
Landowner pledge

Donation Pledge

If you would like to donate money to Give it a Grow group to help fund our numerous projects around the borough, it’s also very welcome and much needed. 
Donation pledge

How many have already joined us

Thank you so much for pledging – you will make an amazing difference for yourselves, your local area and the environment.