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The Danger of Pesticides

Pesticides are created in labs solely to kill off the undesirables, such as; slugs, snails, fungi, ants, some plant diseases, and aphids to protect crops and gardens.


All About Bees

I knew it was Spring a little before the calendar did. It was the moment the wind blew a fat-bottomed bumble bee towards me. It made me chuckle and feel fuzzy inside, that the Winter is over and warm light is coming.


Going Peat-Free with your Compost – Why It Matters

Peat is commonly found in standard garden compost that you buy, and you may not have considered it at all before, but it’s very damaging to the environment.

It comes from ancient Peatlands. They built up over thousands of years and used to cover large areas of the UK.


Reducing Single-Use Plastic

Waste and litter is a big problem in the borough and nationally, but you can reduce the amount of plastic you use, particularly single-use. The more consumers make these kinds of choices, the more brands and supermarkets respond by removing plastic.


What’s the big deal with Grass lawns?

Lawns may appear ‘nice and neat’, but manicured lawns like we see all over the UK are not that beneficial environmentally, due to the sheer upkeep of mowing, fertiliser, herbicide and pesticides etc needed to keep them looking pristine.