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Gardens as Wildlife Corridors

You may not know what a wildlife corridor is; it’s a more technical term usually reserved for natural green spaces, not our gardens. But we have the opportunity to add these green spaces and help wildlife


10 Plants for a Shaded Garden Corner

Got an awkward shaded corner in your garden or yard where not much grows? I know I do. Trying to put sun-loving plants in a shaded or partially shaded spot will generally result in a headache, and a waste of money and time.


The Benefits of Garden Hedges

It’s well known that plants and trees, including hedges, reduce co2 in the atmosphere. However, it’s less known that they reduce noise pollution and even lesser-known how plants are mitigating against flooding, which is an increasing issue in the UK.


How to Reduce Flooding with Your Garden

Most Wiganers will have seen a flood or 2… at least! I know where I am by Saddle Junction in Wigan Town centre, it floods quite severely at least once or twice a year, cutting off roads and damaging houses.
So how can we help to tackle flooding at home?


Reasons to Grow an Apple Tree (or 2)

Ever thought of having your own apple tree? Here are some reasons why it’s a great idea, and easier than you might think!

You might be thinking that sounds great growing a tree…. but you don’t have the space for apple trees! Well, fear not


Wildlife Gardening on a Budget

For some, gardening can seem quite expensive and risky (what if it dies?!) But there are few easy ways to encourage wildlife in your garden, of all sizes, without having to spend too much money.

Here are some of our best tips for wildlife gardening on a budget, with ideas that are cheap, free or may even make a few pennies!


An Ode to Dandelions

Today I hope to inspire you into living within a more connected way with nature. I hope to open your eyes to the potential already here in abundance, in a friendly way.

When February turns to spring, out bursts our famous early pollinating butterflies, bumblebees, honey bees, beetles and a whole variety of other helpful insects. They are hungry and weak after winter, so for them, the bold and ready sunshine dandelion is the first stop.


The Danger of Pesticides

Pesticides are created in labs solely to kill off the undesirables, such as; slugs, snails, fungi, ants, some plant diseases, and aphids to protect crops and gardens.


What is Wildlife Gardening?

You’ll have seen this term on our website or maybe heard us talking about it in person, but what exactly is wildlife gardening? And what does it entail?

Simply, It means catering your garden to wildlife.


All About Bees

I knew it was Spring a little before the calendar did. It was the moment the wind blew a fat-bottomed bumble bee towards me. It made me chuckle and feel fuzzy inside, that the Winter is over and warm light is coming.